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From the team that brought you Fat Leonard and Corinna and The King, Night of Show is a production of Project Brazen in partnership with PRX.

Co-hosted by Adam Wilkes, an accomplished concert promoter, and Tom Wright, a NYT bestselling author and podcaster, Night of Show tells never-before-heard stories about some of the best known names in music.

Season one draws on the experiences of John Meglen and Paul Gongaware, legendary concert promoters. As a young man, Paul started his career taking Elvis on his final tour. He and John have promoted The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Prince, Michael Jackson, and Celine Dion.

With Adam Wilkes — who began his career in Asia and has promoted superstar artists, including Ed Sheeran, Metallica, and Katy Perry — they have a unique vantage on pop stars: their insecurities and ambitions. These stories will leave listeners with a new understanding of their favorite artists.

Night of Show’s first season is six 25-minute episodes, each structured around a significant performance. We interview promoters, musicians, guitar technicians, production managers, and hangers on who were there.

This is not a chat show. Each episode is tightly structured, with Tom and Adam guiding listeners backstage, on the night of the show. The sense of place is heightened by innovative sound design and the show’s original music, from Grammy Award winner Bill Wittman.

Tom Wright and Bradley Hope, former colleagues at the Wall Street Journal and co-authors of Billion Dollar Whale, founded Project Brazen in Singapore in 2021. Project Brazen is a global journalism studio and production company specializing in ambitious fact-based narratives. The company delivers thrilling stories via podcasts, books, documentaries, television shows and films.

Founded by Executive Producer Sandy Smallens, Audiation is sound, inspired. Founded in 2016 by musician and digital entertainment pioneer Sandy Smallens, the New York-based podcast company has given voice to the boldest creators and biggest brands around the globe.

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